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a list of things that could be added to skyblock
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ok so:

  1. stackable, prestigible, and boostable spawners - this is just very explanatory in its self, but for prestiging spawners we are able to make more money from their drops.
  2. island level is calculated by ISLAND WORTH - this basically means our island level is being calculated not just with placing resource blocks (iron, gold etc.), but also including the spawners and other things we have might placed.
  3. toggleable sets - for this, every type of set (leather set, gold set, iron set) is made for one specific type of job. (e.g: leather set for grinding, gold set for farming, you get the idea). we can enchant every piece that could help the job a lot (e.g: leather set can have an enchant that gives more exp since it's a grinding set, gold seet has an enchant that gives more drops per crops since it's a farming set)
  4. mob coins - i think this is added but idk maybe give more op things we can buy.
  5. cobblecube - come with different sizes, (3x3, 5x5, 11x11, 13x13, 15x15 etc) can be upgraded with money or exp.
  6. vacuum hoppers - for huge farms and grinders.
  7. schematica support - basically im putting this in for skyblock's anti-cheat to not kick us while using printer mode.
  8. rankups - we rankup by mob kills. (first rankup you need 5k pig kills to buy the next spawner)
  9. f2p ichest - i guess you know ichests at this point but if you dont, ichests are basically infinite chests, a storage system that hass an infinite storage and can be mass sold (a feature that donors might have).
  10. one enchant that will be super helpful if you add - mobsweep, this allows us to kill multiple mobs on onee stack at once (you know mob stacking right?)


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Thanks for the suggestions! Me personally, I play a lot on *that* server too lmao but we don't plan to completely rip off ___. Though, "2020 SB features" like island worth for e.g. would still definitely be implemented! Won't say anything else about what we have planned but just know its going to be fun!

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