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Acessories and pets
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so here is a suggestion
so right now armors are meant for pvps but pvps is not a thing so why not add an auto generated armor system that can generate armors with like small ammount of money or energy or tokens multiplier ,lucky crates luck increaser ,more chance to get lucky crates , minecrate chance, increase enchant proc , hunt finder(armors can only hold 1 buff) and i know this is like the personal buff but make this one below the personal buff and i think this could make players think of like a "build" if they want to grind energy they will make an energy set etc

so pets like from skyblock .there are 2 types active and passive (based on sb ?) active pet can level up when used and while mining, but active pet will only get a little amount of xp if while mining,passive pets can only be leveled up by mining and they will get more than active are so examples
Active pets:
Creeper Pet
ability : explode when right click (explode a 3 diameter sphere) can be more if it levels up

Villager Pet
ability : when right click/ in inventory it will give a money multiplier for x amount of time
(idk where to decide this one could be a passive or active )


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