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Wed, Oct 21

coolfire02 added a comment to T255: Charity rework.

It was already modified in S9 whereby it is far less dependent on players online. Currently the implementation weightage dependent on players is < 30%. Charity should still be fine

Wed, Oct 21, 2:00 AM · Prisons

Wed, Oct 14

coolfire02 changed the status of T226: /showcase from Open to In Progress.

More slots will be added before S10 closes. Will come out together wth admin panel

Wed, Oct 14, 1:05 AM · Prisons
coolfire02 changed the status of T231: make gtop blocks update faster from Open to In Progress.

This can definitely be implemented in S11. Currently, it is implemented as after you mine, typing /gtop will update It instantly (but you'd need to run the command) considering this isn't that intuitive, we'll have a periodical updater as well

Wed, Oct 14, 1:05 AM · Prisons

Jul 24 2020

coolfire02 added a comment to T180: alts can't do /am join.

???? is your alt even thief rank

Jul 24 2020, 11:03 AM · Prisons

Jul 23 2020

coolfire02 closed T179: outpost unclaim as Wontimplement.

Alternatively, you can simply uncap theirs. It's a fair game and it isn't one-sided

Jul 23 2020, 9:59 AM · Prisons

Jul 22 2020

coolfire02 closed T178: Alt Controls as Wontimplement.

Good idea but the implementation process would be highly risky to store an inventory database in our system whenever a player is offline as crashes, rollbacks will all cause the inventory saves differ from what should be there in the offline acc's inv in the first place so unfortunately I don't think this is a feasible idea to implement.

Jul 22 2020, 2:49 PM · Prisons
coolfire02 closed T177: change of intended minecraft version as Wontimplement.

Higher minecraft versions has much more issues than the stable versions prior to 1.13. Prisons and basically all other gamemodes we ever do will almost most likely be done on 1.12.2 and no other versions higher (Unless ofc we do like a survival server) -- Anything version related is easily patchable with ViaVersions for the most part, as such this really isn't something we will be looking into at all.

Jul 22 2020, 2:46 PM · Prisons

Jul 9 2020

coolfire02 closed T125: Organise bug as Resolved.


Jul 9 2020, 1:06 PM · Prisons
coolfire02 closed T158: Explosive 1100 glitch as Resolved.

Fixed a few dys ago

Jul 9 2020, 12:51 PM · Prisons